Jacqui Broderick aka Louise Broderick

British author born in Derbyshire. She now lives on the West coast of Irerland. She has been involved with horses all her life, as an owner, competitor in various equine events, and editor of equine and animal magazines. She now writes full time. She has written some adult romance type novels set in the world of racing and a very good childrens pony story set in Connemara. She also wrote a biography of jockey Shane Broderick who was tragically paralyzed after a fall.

She writes under the names of both Jaqui and Louise Broderick. A pony for Free was, according to her website, also published under the name of Alicia Locke, but I can't find any evidence of the title under that name. If you do have an edition of the book with that author name I'd be grateful if you could let me know.

The author has her own publishing company, Lavender and White, with which she has published some of her books.

Ms. Broderick has two websites, one under each name.

Horse & Pony Books as Jaqui Broderick:

(Lavender and White Publishing 2017)
SUMMARY: Traditional type pony story set in Ireland. Cait longs to own a pony, but there is no way her parents can afford to buy one. There is no money since her father stopped work because of a problem with his spine. When Danny, Cait's neighbour buys a beautiful Connemara pony and loses it in the mountains he tells her she can have the pony for free if she can catch it. But that seems an impossible task, especially with Danny's vindictive son bulllying her.
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Collectors info:
At time of writing (2018) the book is in print and available as a paperback and e-book. 

Horse & Pony Books as Jaqui/Louise Broderick:
(Adult Fiction)

The books were originally published under the name of Jaqui Broderick but have recently been reprinted under the name of Louise Broderick.

(Poolbeg Press 2004)
Reprinted by Lavender and White Publishing 2018
SUMMARY: Betrayed in love yet again, Tara Blake returns to Ireland to the loving protection of her older brother Derry, a ruthless playboy who is one if Ireland's top racehorse trainers. Back home Tara is drawn to Morgan Flynn. Flynn was once a top jockey but following the death of one of his horses he was branded as reckless and is now struggling to keep his dilapidated stables alive. Torn between loyalty to her brother and the man she loves, Tara looks on helplessly as Derry and Morgan embark on a dangerous game of rivalry and vengeance...

(Poolbeg Press 2005)
Reprinted by Lavender and White Publishing 2018
SUMMARY: Paris O'Shea has it all. She has a fantastic career as one of Ireland's top lady jockeys and is looking forward to aclaiming the best prize of all - marrying her gorgeous racehorse trainer boyfriend Derry Blake. Merrianne Ryan is sick of her job as a groom living on the fringes of the glamorous racing world. How hard can it be to find someone rich and goodlooking to give her the fabulous lifestyle she craves? A terrible racing accident changes both of their lives forever, but it is not until Derry throws down a irresistable challenge that the two of them realise just how far they are prepared to go to really be a  winner.

(Poolbeg Press 2006)
Reprinted by Lavender and White Publishing 2018
SUMMARY: Stella O'Rourke is determined that she is not going to ruin her life by marrying the wrong man, like her mother did. She has a very particular man in mind - good looking, charming and wealthy, of course. Unfortunately struggling race horse trainer, Henry Murphy and upsets all of her careful planning. There is no way she would ever be interested in someone like himů but then why does her stomach flutter every time he is around? Amber's life is a disaster zone: stuck in a dead end job, with a string of no good boyfriends, she is an ideal candidate for Stella's help But sometimes a girl just shouldn't listen - even to her best friend!

Collectors info:
At time of writing (2018) the books are in print in both the UK and USA and are available in paperback and e-book.